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Shark Tank (Season 5 PREVIEW)
First Time For Everything

This episodes marks the first time that Barbara and Lori have sat together with the rest of the Sharks

Steadily growing in the ratings since its inception back in 2009, Shark Tank will soon return on ABC for a fifth season.  The premise for the reality hit has been pretty simple - people pitch their product ideas in front of a small group of investors who can bid to provide a cash flow and their expertise in exchange for a cut of the business.  Sometimes regular folks end up getting huge investments and start companies that change their lives forever.  Other times, the Sharks can tear the participants to pieces when they present terrible ideas or arrive ill-prepared.
The start of the program boasts that Shark Tank has invested over $23 Million in deals and has created an estimated 9,000 jobs as a result.  The season five premiere features a wide variety of various ideas including: a new spin on postcards, a gourmet pickle business, a cake pop venture, and a pair of doctors offering a fresh take on communication between doctors and their respective patients.  Also included is an update on Wicked Good Cupcakes which Kevin O'Leary invested in on a previous episode.  You probably don’t want to watch this on an empty stomach.
Shark Tank wouldn't be near as popular without its entertaining cast of Sharks.  There's Robert - the somewhat level headed member of the group, Kevin - the self-described "Mr. Wonderful" who isn't afraid to get what he wants, Barbara - the business woman who made millions in real estate, Daymond - the CEO of FUBU, Lori - the queen of QVC deals, and Mark Cuban - the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.  As a viewer you'll be rooting for the genuine people with great business ideas to make out like bandits, while at the same time hoping that the Sharks give scheisters trying to make a quick buck an embarrassingly harsh scolding.  Shark Tank is a unique reality show (rare in this day and age) that really deserves a look if you haven't checked it out before now.  Just don't be turned off by the greed shown by Sharks and participants alike - it's part of the entertainment.

Be sure to check out the season five premiere of Shark Tank airing this Friday, September 20th at 9PM ET/8PM CT only on ABC!  

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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