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The Vantage: This Time Now

This Time Now

(The Vantage)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Have you heard of alternative pop music? It's kind of like how alternative rock took rock music and gave it a little twist. Well, guess what, alternative pop is basically the same thing and The Vantage is a new musical group that is playing alternative pop. At least the music that I have listened on this new EP title “This Time Now” is what I think would be considered alternative pop. This Austin, TX based band is one of simplicity when it comes to the number of members in the band, which is only two. James Mason has the duties of the main vocals and his co-conspirator Jackson Wise has the guitar as well as some vocals.
I might have used the word simplicity for the size of the bands members but the songs they are creating have nothing in common with the word simple. When I first listened to this EP I thought the band consisted of 3 to 4 members. I thought this because I'm hearing multiple vocals, drums, guitar, and other assorted instruments being played. They still have the songs like “Something In The Air” where I do only hear the vocals and the guitar at first but then there are the drums that kick and all of a sudden this song that only has two members sounds like there's more. Now I know with looking these guys up I might have missed some vital information, like it saying that one of the two or both also knows how to play percussion’s so that one is playing the guitar while the other is playing the drums and both are singing.
Knowing that there is are 2 guys are playing a song vs. 3 to 4 changes everything about the song. What goes from a bunch of guys each having their individual talents, it's now only 2 guys with multiple talents and skills. Now I can't say that I prefer this style of music where it has a lot of lyrics that are more romance and longing and would fit well being played for a slow dance, date night, or a romance movie, but the guys have talent. The vocals of both guys are strong, they have a smooth sound to them, they are able to change pitch without the voice sounding cracked or edited any, and even though they are a bit on the romantic side they are also upbeat. These two guys have a good deal of talent for creating songs, maybe they aren't my typical cup of tea when it comes to listening to music, but they are not songs that I can't say are bad nor could I say that I didn't enjoy them. They are played well, there are some good upbeat tempos put in the songs, the vocals are easy enough to listen to, and there's just enough energy and fun in the songs that they did keep my attention.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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