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Samia: Samia


Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

After working for five years in New York City as a backup singer, artist Samia decided to venture into a solo career and recently released her first EP.  In the span of only six tracks, Samia showcases her talent with an eclectic array of vocal styles in hopes of catching the attention of major labels.

Born as an army brat in Germany, Samia was raised at an army post located in Seoul, South Korea.  Music became a part of her life at an early age as evidenced by her first performance at the ripe old age of five.  "Lose Me" opens the self-titled EP and immediately establishes her impressive vocal range.  The presence Samia brings to the microphone is atypical of most female singers and harkens back to chanteuses of yesteryear.  A Madonna reference is dropped on “Only Wanna Dance” which seems quite appropriate on a song with a definitive ‘80’s sound. 

Samia and her band bring a completely different sound to the table on “Burnin Up” featuring old-school blues vocals accompanied by some scorching guitar work.  “We Have the Right (An Anthem for Marriage Equality)” contains a mini history of LGTBQ topics from passionate activist Samia (to learn more about her views, check out her article on Huffington Post).  For a movement song, it holds up surprisingly well.  Overall, Samia is an enjoyable EP rooted in pop that successfully branches into a variety of genres.  Interested readers can download Samia for free on NoiseTrade.    

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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