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South Park: Season 16

South Park: The Sixteenth Season

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The South Park kids are still going strong with their insane deeds and even more outrageous adventures. Everything is fair game for these kids as they take on issues dealing with where they can sell their gold, hunting down the Jewpacabra, and trying to find out what Cartman, the Chinese, and Star Wars have in common in season 16 of South Park.

There's not much new information that I can give for a description on South Park that hasn't been said in the past 16 seasons the show has been on. It still follows the main kids, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny but also includes the rest of the characters like Butters, as they tackle current issues happening around the world. It's pretty impressive that this show has been able to stay this funny while keeping the same building format for every episode. Each episode might have a different topic that will address how the kids see something that is going on in current events but what stays the same is that the show uses childish humor to be a smart show. One thing that I really enjoyed with this season was the use of live action scenes that show the kids as what they would look like as young adults.

It's tough to say that the episode that was about putting the toilet seat down was one that also talked about the absurd way things are being policed but it does just that. I've watched this show for many years, though not as much as I did when it first started but after watching this season I saw how much the show has grown. They still have no fear of taking on some touchy topics in the show and it's still just as funny to watch it now as it was when it was the first season. South Park has no boundaries and has no fear of taking on any topic and not only making fun of it but putting it in a light that makes it seem completely idiotic. After 16 seasons this show still had me laughing out loud and repeating lines that everyones favorite character, Cartman, uses. It just amazes me how this show can push the boundries of topics for so many years and still be able to have that shock, awe, and humor like it's the first time.

On Blu Ray South Park looked both good and just ok at the same time. This has been a show that is known for not really changing the way the create the show. Though it might not have been updated to make the show look more realistic, the Blu Ray still looks really good. The show still has the same production style that was used in the early seasons but the Blu Ray makes the colors brighter with a crisp picture. I would have liked more special features other than some commentaries and deleted scenes but otherwise I was pleased with this Blu Ray. Even the packaging of it is done well by having the 2 discs on their own side with a page for each that gives the list of episodes for that disc.

Lee Roberts
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