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Star Trek

Star Trek

In Theatres: 
May 08, 2009
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 6 Minutes
What's My Name?

This is the first time that Uhura has been given a first name on screen: Nyota. Gene Roddenberry never came up with a first name for her, so many thought this meant she did not have one, although in literature, Uhura is often referred to as Nyota by her comrades.

Space...the final frontier. For a series that has been considered the epitome of nerdy, J.J. Abrams has brought the Star Trek franchise to general audiences everywhere. It has been 7 years since the last Trek film (Nemesis) and Trekkies have been patiently waiting for their next fix. Taking place right when the USS Enterprise is first built, before Captain Kirk was ever addressed as Captain, the team embarks on their first mission together; the first of many to come.

James T. Kirk is simply a young hooligan in need of direction. His father was known across Starfleet as a hero who was Captain for 12 minutes yet saved hundreds of live before coming to an untimely end aboard his ship. Now, years later, Kirk enrolls in Starfleet and begins to develop into the hero from past films. In his first trip aboard the Enterprise, he comes face to face with Nero, a rogue Romulan from the future bent on getting revenge for the destruction of his home planet.

All your favorite characters; Spock, Dr. McCoy, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov; return as younger images of themselves. The actors do an excellent job as them as well. I had my doubts about John Cho as Sulu but he was able to part with his Harold and Kumar personality. Simon Pegg as Scotty? Absolute genius. Everyone was cast perfectly.

Probably what most fans will be excited to see is Lenord Nemoy reprise his role as Spock from the future. Seeing the two Spocks together will be quite the treat for everyone. They will immediately recognize all the little references and lines from the show and previous films. I'm not even knowledgeable with most of this stuff and I was able to pick out references.

Star Trek is no longer a bad omen that separates the nerds from the jocks. It can be views simply as an action/adventure film for the masses. There aren't to many quirky gadgets and lingo to turn people away. It's more explosions and gun fights. It's a film for everyone that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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