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Men and Dogs

Men and Dogs

Release Date: 
Monday, April 12, 2010
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Did you ever wonder what happens when a parent goes missing, how does it affect the family and do you ever really accept the fact that they are never coming back.  That question is one that Hannah Legare and her family have fought with over the years, you see when Hannah was eleven her father went fishing and never returned.  The story takes place on both sides of the country, San Francisco and Charleston, in San Francisco Hannah has a husband and business but both of which are falling apart, in Charleston is the mystery of her fathers’ disappearance, her brother, mother and stepfather.

This story is one that will allow you to see what goes on in a family that has lost someone close with no explanation.  It shows you that both the children were affected by it in a different way and both harbored guilt, but was it warranted?  You feel the emotions that are going on throughout the book and begin to understand why they just could not let it go.  The disappearance of Hannah’s father shaped who she and her brother are in present day.

Hannah has begun to self-destruct and has been sent home to recover with her mother and stepfather, but is that a good thing.  Back in Charleston her family is there but she feels they are hiding things from her, is it right for her to go back home when she thinks that they maybe the reason her father went away?  Will she ever find out the truth of her fathers disappearance and will she ever be able to love herself again.

I have never read Katie Crouch before and was impressed by her writing, she allows the reader to flow with her words and I was personally able to envision her characters emotions.  This book is a very fast read and you will get into it from the beginning and not want to put it down.

Review by Chrissy Shattuck