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Community: Season 3


On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Bonus Features

Deleted Scenes, Gag Reels, Commentaries, A Glee-ful Community Christmas Featurette, This is War Pillows vs Blankets Mockumentary Featurette

The gang is back for another year at Greendale Community College as they gear up for their third year of studies. It's a year that the study group might not be able to survive as they face off against a former teacher who has become the security guard and his underage enforcers, a new vice dean who wants to take away a member of the group, a pillow fight for the record books, and many other insane hijinks.

When Community was first announced 3 years ago I was not on board to watch the show. It looked like it wouldn't be funny and the cast seemed to be actors that didn't know how to act, including the aged Chevy Chase. Though I was not going to just say no to the show before watching it and from season 1 to now in season 3 I have been hooked on the show. Season 3 of Community has been the best season for the show so far with it's cast grown into their characters and writers that have turned what could have been a one season one liner into a thriving, continuous show.

First thing to note with season 3 that's different than past seasons is that it has more continuity to the episodes. Not every episode, but most of the season has returning characters and story lines. Having John Goodman play the character Vice Dean Laybourne who is the head of this weird secret A/C repair course that wants to have Troy (played by Donald Glover) join the course was a great way to go. There's also get Chang's (play by Ken Jeong) becoming this crazed security guard with this sinister plot that develops over the course of the season as well as the main cast itself building on their relationships. This was a season of growth for the show, both with the characters and with the stories.

This has been one of the shows that for some reason gets treated like it's unwanted by NBC yet the fans demand to have it on air. Season 3 proves why this show has been able to survive these 3 seasons even with the skeptics talking about ending it. This season pushed the show to new levels of hilarity with its crazy events taking place with the characters. I really loved how the shows are easily watched as one episode yet the whole season ties together as a yearlong plot. By the end of the season I liked this show more than I did going into it. There's twist and turns that I would never have guessed to see used on the show and then there's also the expected oddity that this show brings that made this season so great. Community season 3 is by far the best year for this show with a cast that brings a lot to the show and writing that give the cast their fuel to make the show funny. However best part of this DVD are the two special features, deleted scenes and the gag reels, those are worth owning this DVD, well also the show itself.

Lee Roberts
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