>> Brothers and Sisters: Season 3 (2009)

Show: Brothers and Sisters

Season/Volume: Season 3

Genre: Drama

Starring: Calisita Flockhart, Sally Fields, Rob Lowe, Rachel Griffiths, Ron Rifkin, Balthazar Getty, Patricia Wettig, Matthew Rhys

Studio: ABC Video

Runtime: 1032 Minutes

Release Date: September 1, 2009

Format: DVD

Discs: 6

Rating: 1.80 (out of 4.00)

Grade: C-

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Special Features

Interview with Sally Field and Patricia Wettig, cast visit with a real life family winery in Ojai, California, cast and crew hijinx on location, bloopers, deleted scenes.

Here is the third season of the show Brothers and Sisters that follows the lives of the Walker family. This family consists of 6 family members and then their loved ones such as husbands, wives, and children. The Walker family lives in Los Angeles, California while running the family company and trying to deal with their every day lives.

In season 3, the story continues along with the plot line of the Walker family trying to find the newest member of the family that the father had while cheating. Along the way the family has to deal with problems at the company, problems with how they handle the problems, and a baby.

Leading the Walker family is Nora Walker (played by Sally Field) who is the mother of the group and the ringleader of them all. This woman embodies drama and stress in a way that it would make a soap opera look like a Saturday morning cartoon. Her character is the main reason why I can't enjoy the show. With every event Nora Walker goes through in a day it will end up being on the level of the worst or most dramatic day a normal person would have in their whole lives. If one of the daughters come to visit there has to be something wrong, and it's not something minor like oh I got a speeding ticket on the way over but more like what will I do I'm going to jail for the rest of my life. Because of always having the need to have something be going wrong I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Though this one character is the main reason why I couldn't get interested in the show there are other reasons as well. One is similar to the main and that is the drama that has to happen within each episode that all the other characters have to go through. Maybe if it was just with one character, two at the most, that something always is having something happen to I could enjoy Brothers and Sisters. But this is not what happens with this show, every character has to have something always going wrong in their lives and it goes through the whole episode, every episode. If you took away all the drama from this show all that would be left is about a 4-minute show of people storming in and out of a room.

Put aside the drama, the other reason I couldn't get into the show is that there really is no story line to the show. Having a something happened is fine, but there has to be other plots in the story that don't involve some type of disaster or drama. There is no real story to this show, the characters just seem to move in and out of each episode fussing or worrying over one event or the other but never really saying anything of substance. One problem a character had was in trying to decide if she wanted to keep the 2 million dollars left to her or give it back. I have no problem with people being rich in shows, but even with most of them there is a connection that I can make with the character. This is not what I got with Brothers and Sisters and because I never felt any sort of connection to the characters I couldn't ever believe that anything happening in the show could really happen.

If there weren’t these reasons going against the show I might have actually enjoyed watching Brothers and Sisters. With actors such as Rob Lowe, Sally Field, and Balthazar Getty the show might actually be good. These are not the only actors on the show that do a good job, there is also Matthew Rhys and Patricia Wettig who both do an excellent job in portraying their characters in a believable way and makes you want to follow what they are doing. As for the rest of the cast, it's ok at best for their performance, maybe good enough for a soap opera.

With no real story lines, plots, mediocre acting, and enough drama that after 10 minutes of watching you feel like you've just watched a 2 hour movie, Brothers and Sisters just ends up being a show that is no real fun to watch. I don't mind having drama but if there is no enjoyment from watching the show then I don't know why I'm watching it.


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