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Rookie Blue: The Complete Third Season

Rookie Blue: The Complete Third Season

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Bonus Features

Seven Making of Featurettes, Behind the Scenes, and On Set Cast Interviews

Do you like cop shows? I hope so because here's another one to put in the long list of cop drama shows being aired. Rookie Blue is a show that follows rookie cops from 15 Division as they learn to juggle being a rookie, copping with the seasoned officers, and their personal lives. Would you like to know more about the show? Well, if you seen any of the cop shows then you've seen this one as well. Aside from this being centered around the rookies instead of the cops being on the job for awhile, the plot and stories are no different. Bad things happen that put the cops at risk and in situations that will bring tension to their job and personal lives. Most of the characters are seeing each other, which I guess makes it easy to not have too many extra cast members when you just use the same one for different roles.

Let me express what I actually liked the most about this show first before getting into the rest. The length of the episodes are only half hour for each. I've never even heard of this show so when I started to watch it my first thought was that if this show could be half hour long I might actually be able to enjoy it more than I do other cop shows. Then when the first episode ended and I hadn't even been watching it an hour it was a shock to me that it was over. I thought I had hit the skip chapter button by mistake. It's very refreshing to have one of these cop centered shows being wrapped up in only a half hour. All the useless tension points are taken out leaving only the core of the story to be told. With the first episode, which has William Shatner, the story is about a missing girl who has been found after 7 years. Instead of having to sit through all the back story of how she went missing, the search for her, and then the ending of that search, I was shown that the girl was found, given a brief explanation of the girls past, while the rest of the time focused on telling of the story of the girl being found. Well, most of the rest of the story did that, there was still those other minor plots where I had to sit through the relationship phase the characters go through.

Not having to watch needless subplots that are put in as filler and tension builders was the best aspect to this show when it came to the story. What needed to be used was and it was reached at a quick pace. However, I wasn't too thrilled with the acting and some of the stories being used. I know there can't be that any new ideas when it comes to cop shows but that's kind of my point, there's nothing more that can really be done. With all the other shows out or been out I've seen what I want to have seen and have spare shows left over. Though it is a little different to have the show centered mainly around the rookies it's just not enough to make the show stand out. Neither is the acting that's done by yet another large cast that I couldn't quite decide on who I liked. Some of the cast is ok, Missy Peregrym does the best job, and of course I liked William Shatners role but he was only in that one episode, but as a group the cast don't see to have that group dynamic. Not only that but I don't believe that any of these people would actually be cops, they don't have that edge, they don't seem tough, but what they are is a group of good looking people playing a role as a cop as they hook up with each other. In other words, it's a prime time drama show where they take the beautiful people and put them in roles that they wouldn't do and try to make them be believable.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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