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By Lee Roberts


Well it’s the end of the year and this weekend it’s the holiday and to celebrate this time of year I’m going to make this weeks blog about the holiday being celebrated in the comic books. Which over the years there have been many ways that it has been done Marvel is the main one that does it, for the past years they have put out a special holiday issue and this year was no different.
These issues are quite fun to read because they feature tales of the main Marvel heroes doing something for the holiday. Each year is different where different things happen where the heroes help out Santa or like this year the Jean Grey School is on winter break and headmaster Logan aka Wolverine, teaches the kids hockey. Now these comics really have no effect on what happens in the main timeline but they are a lot of fun to read and do make the holiday a little more brighter.

Though before these holiday specials  they just had the issue for December or sometimes January but would have a story that was about the holidays. There have been all sorts of different stories, like one of the newest is one that I particularly like, the Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol. Oh yeah, you read that right, Zombies Christmas Carol. It’s the typical story of Scrooge in all his bah humbug glory but with the added feature of zombies. Such a great story, not sure much the heart warming stories.

Then again not all the stories where heart-warming like in The Spectacular Spider-Man 112 where he has to fight a guy dressed as Santa because he’s trying to rob Peters neighborhood.

And then there’s the Incredible Hulk 378 where the Rhino is being Santa and is upset that he’s trapped in his suit and can’t get no female love. When the Hulk shows up of course they break out in a fight tearing up things before a little girl asks Rhino who is still dressed as Santa (yeah who knew that if you can stand up against the Hulk that while wearing a fake beard and Santa hat it would stay on) why he is fighting the Hulk. They see what they have done, they stop fighting, the Rhino goes back to being Santa, and the Hulk is a elf. The question I have with this one is why would anyone ever hire the Rhino in a Rhino suit to play Santa?

But this is the kind of fun there is in the holiday issues of comics, I’ve named Marvel ones cause I can’t bring up any DC on memory right now but I’m sure as I’m at work on Saturday (Christmas Eve) I’ll be remembering all sorts of issues. Till then, Happy Holidays!