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By Lee Roberts

What's New in the New 52 and Gotham City has Origins

“What’s New in the New 52” ?
Well, that’s the new question and new segment that DC Comics has going on it’s website. It’s a place that fans can go to get a tease of new looks, villains, new heroes, and other ideas that DC will be coming out with. One that caught my eye was the new villain, Joker’s Daughter. There’s a very demented looking artwork showing a female dressed similar to the Joker while wearing what looks like the Joker’s face (and I mean his face from the storyline that’s been going on in the Bat books).

 There’s also this being said above the drawing.
“Something evil lurks under Gotham City and it wears the Joker’s face”
Is there a new Joker in town? Could be but when I don’t know and where she will show up is a mystery as well. Nothing else is given about this new Joker other than that sentence and the artwork. Though that’s what the What’s New in the New 52 is all about, showing us what’s coming up or just giving the fans some good info. Like the new Green Lantern villain Relic, why April was a good month, and some info about the comic Injustice Gods Among Us from the game of the same title, this is just good quick info on DC Comics.

Here soon I’ll be talking more about the movies than I will about the comics because there are just tons of news and trailers coming out for the upcoming blockbusters. There’s the new TV trailer for Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 has been everywhere on TV, and now there’s a trailer for the R.I.P.D. movie featuring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Not only are there trailers coming out but we where given a look at a villain in the now filming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, Electro.

Ok, I’m not caring for this look on Electro. Sure I know in the comic he’s very similar with having his body blue and the lines from the electricity on him but in real life, enh. My first impression, he sure looks a lot like Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin movie. Give him a bigger head like Arnold has and put him in that suit and he would be very close to looking the same. I’m hoping that in post production once they let their graphics people do their thing that Electro will look a lot better than he does in this picture.

I’ve been playing video games for almost as long as I’ve been reading comic books. Over the years there has been a lot of games based off comic books, some good, a lot more bad, but there are 2 that have stood out above all the others. Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City are those games. These two games are now what all the next games based off comics should be held up to. Which brings me to the next game, ok, well not really the next game considering Injustice: Gods Among Us is now out (came out this week in fact on April 16 (day before my birthday (hint hint))), so I guess I should say the next Batman game.

Batman Arkham Origins, the prequel, not the threquel, hmm is that actually what the third installments are called? Don’t matter, Batman Arkham Origins is the prequel to the first two games where a young Batman with little experience being the Bat will be going up against familiar foes. Though they won’t be familiar to him, the game will be the first meetings, well, since I’m talking about Batman it’s more like their first time fighting. Either way this game is one that I’m looking forward to with a great amount of pleasure and expectations.

So what all do I know about the game so far?
1) The story plot has 8 of the world’s deadliest assassins led by Black Mask going after Batman.
2) There will be 2 versions of the game, one is Batman Arkham Origins that will be put on the consoles and one is Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Nintendo DS and PS Vita (and yes I will be buying both versions, one for the PS3 and one for my Vita)
3) One of the characters revealed is Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson, he’s one of the few people that give Batman a hard time when fighting him.
4) Another of the characters is Black Mask, well I’m guessing so since he’s the one that has been said to be pitting the other assassins against Batman.
5) Release date is October 25, 2013, just not soon enough for my wants but at least I know I’ll have a fun Halloween.

Now what do I want from the game?
1) I would like to have Harley Quinn in this one but with this being the origins of Batman I doubt she will be. But if by some slim chance they put her in it, even if it’s just for a single scene that’s a prequel story for the later games, I want her to be in the full body suit, not the skirt of I don’t look like Harley Quinn that they gave her in the first and the boots in the second.
2) Keep the open world game like the second rather than like the first game. I want the game to remain open even after I’ve finished the main plot so that when I want to play it for a few minutes or longer there will still be people around to fight. The second game had this and that’s why I continue to still play that game just to glide around as Batman while beating down thugs.
3) Batmobile. I want it and I want to be able to drive it. Ok the first game had it but it was just sitting there and I didn’t get to do anything with it. I figure it would be a bonus to finish the game where once you do then you can drive around in it.
4) I want to see the detective more. Batman is known as 2 things, the Dark Knight and the Detective. Well, in games 1 and 2 we get the Dark Knight with a very slim use of the Detective, but in this game I want more of the Detective. Not only do I want more of him doing some sleuthing but make it where I have to do some searching. In the other games I just had to push a button and follow what I saw but I want to have to use my brain to solve a mystery as I’m being hunted, though no time limit.
5) Some different weapons, not that the ones we have used aren’t cool, they are very cool, but having a few different ones would be really cool.


Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 24, 2013
Cover Price: $3.99
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Drawn by: Sara Pichelli
Plot: London has to deal with the Badoon invasion.

Batman the Dark Knight #19
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 24, 2013
Cover Price: $2.99
Written by: Gregg Hurwitz
Drawn by: Ethan Van Sciver
Plot: Gotham City is being destroyed but where is it’s protector?


Age of Ultron #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 17, 2013
Cover Price: $3.99
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Drawn by: Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson
Plot: Wolverine make a very controversial decision that’s been made in Marvel Comics so how will it affect the Marvel Universe?

Supergirl #19
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: April 17, 2013
Cover Price: $2.99
Written by: Mike Johnson
Drawn by: Mahmud Asrar
Plot: Supergirl is dead or is she? It will take herself to help herself and no I don’t mean just her alone, Power Girl will be there.



Get that, if you haven’t read it then don’t read this last bit on my blog, that’s why I put it here instead of up top, no more scrolling.
So I read issue #8 that came out this week and I am gearing myself up to be extremely upset with issue #9. I’m afraid that what’s going to happen is that after Spider-Ock has found out about Peter Parker’s mind spirit being there he’s going to get rid of him. It sure seems that way with the way that issue #8 ends and then all the hype about how issue #9 making us more upset than Amazing 700 did. Which if that’s done and we are left with Ock in control for awhile I’m just going to be very upset. I don’t like this new direction and so far I’ve been reading it because it’s Spider-Man and this is the title that got me into comics, so I feel obligated to read it. Which is bad, I should feel obligated to read it, I should want to read it and right now I want it to end.