>> Glee S2E7 - The Substitute

Glee S2E7 - The Substitute

This week on Glee Gwyneth Paltrow guest stars when she is called in to substitute for Mr. Shue's Spanish class when he gets sick.  Over heard by Kurt in another class, he asks her to also sub for Glee.  Gwyneth Paltrow plays the cool hip teacher who seems to try a little too hard to seem cool to the kids.  Principal Figgins is also sick and guess who takes over as acting principal? You guessed it, Sue.  Principal Sue decides to ban al lthe bad food i nthe cafeteria, including Mercedes favorite... tatertots.  Why they gotta make the fat chick be pissed about the food?  They strive to make the show accepting of gays and open minded and then send the fat chick on a crusade to get tater tots back in the cafeteria? Seems kinda tired to me.  I guess they thought it would be ok because the underlying reason is she's trying to fill the void that Kurt left when he decided to spend more time with his new friend Blaine.  Oh sure they invite her out but then talk amonst themselves and all she hears is "gay gay gay gay.  gay gay gay?" "gay gay, gay gay gay gay!"

Meanwhile, cool teacher is letting the Glee club do up-to-date songs, including Cee Lo Green's "F**k You", which, wow, for all her meloncholy and sad eyes, Gwyenth can sing! Who knew? I was really surprised, seriously I'd consider using the phrase "taken aback".  Rachel confesses she's always wanted to do something glam, so the pair take to the stage in red and with gatling guns to sing "Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag" from Chicago.  Great performance, crappy dancing but excellent singing nonetheless.  I found myself smiling while I watched.  But that could be because I *really* like Chicago.

When Sue's dietary changes and general douchery goes over well with the parents, Figgins is fired and Sue's first act is to fire Will.  But when Sue realizes cool teacher let Mercedes put tater tots in her gas tank, cool teacher realizes she can't do this and asks Will back.  Before she leaves, she shows Mr. Shue that Glee club doesnt just have to be about old songs "classics" and Journey, by doing a mashup of Singin in the Rain and Rhianna's Umbrella, which I did not like AT ALL.  It was kinda cheesy and I hate people who eff with Frank.

All in all, I really didnt like this episode.  It felt kinda pointless and rushed to me, it also felt like "hey we need a cameo! uhhhhmmm oh! lets get Gwyneth Paltrow... annndddd she can be a sub and be cool".  I don't know, not the best Glee episode.  It focused more on the adults. barely anything that had to do with the kids, i mean thats what the show is about right? Glee club, not crazy ex wife.  Frankly, Sue Sylvester being douchy in EVERY episode is quite tiring as well.  They took an occassional funny thing and killed it putting it in several scenes in EVERY episode, and now she has a sidekick who can be just as douchy. 


Next week on Glee....

Carol Burnett guest stars as Sue's Nazi hunting mother.


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