Post Grad (BLU-RAY)

Post Grad

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A dud. Not worth your or anyone's time. Michael Keaton is entertaining and funny but it's not enough to make this one watchable.

I first heard about this movie and it sounded horrible but then I saw the trailer and I found myself somewhat curious.  I have admitted before that I find the WB shows and CW shows as somewhat of a guilty pleasure so I didn't mind Gilmore Girls that much and I found Alexis Bledel kind of charming.

Bad, just plain bad in both sounds and picture.  Certainly not worthy of the blu-ray format.

Music video, deleted scenes, horrible features and "quizes>

The bonus features are kind of a joke and fairly annoying.  They are a bunch of clips from the movie thrown together as "guides" for getting through life.  On top of that, they are thrown together with bad, non-HD quality.  There is a "trivia" that will decide what kind of fashionista you are, a music video and some rightfully deleted scenes.   As for the movie itself, the ONLY entertaining part about the entire debacle is the always amusing Michael Keaton.  Not even the usually funny Jane Lynch is on her game in this dud.  It's apparently a love story but you don't really feel for the main guy as he is kind of a selfish friend and most of the character arcs are left hanging.  Certainly not worth your time.

Peter Oberth
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