Blue Tofu: Our Room

Our Room

(Blue Tofu)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just how many people does it take for a band to have a good sound? Five? Maybe the typical four? For this review that I'm doing for the band called Blue Tofu, it only takes two. That duo is singer Andrea Mathews and composer Tim Story and their talent is being put into their album, "Our Room". If you want to listen to a band that has a good grasp on song structure as well as playing songs that just sound good, then Blue Tofu would be a group you should give a listen to. These two might not have songs that will get you bouncing off a wall but what they will do is show you some subtle energy and grace in a song.
My first impression of this band was the vocals of Andrea Mathews. Her voice sold me completely on this album. She's sexy, seductive, and very easy on the ears. These songs, as well as the voice of Andrea Mathews, are very relaxing and yet they have a way of getting into you. As I write this I'm still trying to decide on whether or not it's the voice of Andrea Mathews that makes the songs so spellbinding or the lyrics that does it. Currently I'm leaning more towards the vocals because her voice is filled with emotion and sensuality. Don't get me wrong, the lyrics are clever and well written, that's why I've been going back and forth on which might be better. I might have got hooked by the sound of the singer but it's the lyrics that get you hooked on the songs.
If you think that's all that these songs have are the vocals and the lyrics, don't, because there is the talent of Tim Story. The instrumentals on this album go a long way in theses songs where they support and build upon the talent of Andrea Mathews. Tim Story does a really good job in keeping with the softness of the vocals in his instruments. It would be very easy to make the power of these songs deminish if he had played too fast, a little too slow, or if the volume of the instruments get above the vocals. Yet, none of that happens and because the balance of the instruments volume and tempo matches that of the vocals, you are given songs that are fluid yet solid in their sound. This is not a duo that to me sounds like they would live as they do on this studio record, and that is what I call talent. I also call it a band that I would pay to see live.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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