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Tron: Evolution

Tron: Evolution

(Disney Interactive)
Ship Date: 
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Time To Finish: 
6 hours

If history has taught us anything, it’s that video games based on movies belong in the bargain bin at the local Blockbuster. Typically they are rushed to production in order to hitch a ride on any hype train associated with the film, sometimes having little or nothing to do with the film at all except for the name.

Can Tron: Evolution break the movie stereotype or is it destined for deresolution?

Tron: Evolution acts as a prequel to Tron: Legacy. Players take control of Anon, a new security program written by Kevin Flynn, whose job is to investigate the growing conspiracy within the Grid.

New programs called ISOs (Isomorphic Algorythyms) have been popping up all over the Grid. They’re not programmed by anyone and don’t have any purpose. They simply exist, resulting in Flynn calling there appearance a miracle.

With them comes trouble though as the first murder is reported in the Grid. A new infection, known as the Abraxas virus, is spreading and it’s up to Anon to make things right again. If that wasn’t enough, Tron: Evolution marks the beginning of Clu 2′s sudden coup of the entire system, forcing Flynn into hiding.

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As a security program, Anon is equipped with the latest light disc technology. You begin with a standard light disc, capable of performing a variety of acrobatic attacks and slams. As you progress, you’ll unlock other discs that have various attributes attached to them that cause enemies to explode, become corrupted, or even decrease in speed.

Each disc is assigned to a direction on the D-pad and can be changed at a moment’s notice allowing you to chain combos together to earn more experience points. As you level up Anon, you’ll gain valuable memory which can be used to purchase upgrades for your character in both the single player and multiplayer modes.



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