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By Lee Roberts

Infinity Ends and Part 1 of Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in 2014

For 2013 Marvel's event was called Infinity where the end of everything was coming. I was fooled, I thought this was going to be a huge battle between Thanos and the rest of the universe.


Instead, it was about a group called the Builders are destroying and killing all the worlds that are no longer working the way they think they should.
Now you may think now that this might be the only story going on but it's not. Infinity has multiple stories happening. First there is the Builder story of the worlds being killed, then there's Thanos who is looking for his lost and last son, there's also the Inhumans story where Black Bolt is planning something big (hint hint it's leading to Inhumanity for 2014),and the Illumanti are still going about trying to stop the other Earth's from coming into their universe and killing everything. If you count them, that's 4 stories taking place in just the core title of Infinity. It's just too much going on in too few titles. Sure there was a 6 issue main series taking place as well as the tie in titles but it wasn't pulled off well.

First the main titles didn't quite cover enough of all the fighting. This was supposed to be so epic that it was on a universe scale fight where multiple worlds and countless armies where coming to fight. Yet it was over in a flash, almost literally as it was Starbrand that started the end with a flash of explosion and Thor killing a Builder.

There's a lot that seems to be glossed over and passed over in this series. One page they are fighting, the heroes don't have enough to slow down no less defeat the Builders, then next page they are saying oh we won now what's next. What was next? Oh Thanos is on Earth looking for his son but according to what the Avengers say they have lost Earth to him. Really? It sure don't seem that way. The way it looks is that Thanos is there with his son and aside from him destroying one area he has not taken control of Earth. I was also lost on what Black Bolt was doing with Maximus. Ok, I get the idea that Black Bolt wants to kick start the Inhumans again but this story just came out of nowhere. Where was the lead in for him wanting to do this and not only do it but why did he have to destroy Attilan?

That's not all though. With the tie in titles there where stories taking place of their own. Like Mighty Avengers starting where they bring in not only 1 new character but 2. Who is Blue Marvel? There was a limited series about him done a few years back but that's it and since then nothing. Then there is the mysterious Spider-Hero who knows Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) and he seems to know a lot of stuff but who is he? What made it the most annoying with the tie ins is all the repeating. There were too many titles that repeated, nearly word for word, what had happened in another title or in part of the core title. Listen, before when the tie in titles didn't even have anything to do with the main story I was annoyed but ok with it. When I'm paying between $3 to $6 for a title and I get basically the same thing again, that I don't want. I just paid double to read what I had already read but with just different artwork that was still pretty similar to the others. Oh there was also how one minute the characters looked ok then they where beat up. What happened to Captain America when he got hit by that bolt at the end? Evidently nothing because the next page he's just standing around like nothing had happened.
Don't get me wrong I liked the story, it was a lot of fun to read but it also was built up to be ended way too fast at a high price tag.


2013 is just about over and with the ending of one there's a beginning of another. Looking forward to 2014 is what I'm now doing and here is a short list of some of the comics/stories that will be hitting the pages of the comics in the coming new year.

1) Inhumanity by Marvel that will be centered on the Inhumans.

2) Green Lantern/Red Lanterns by DC that will be a flip book. This issue will be 40 pages but supposedly the cover price will be for one comic. This comic will be a tie in with both Green Lantern and Red Lanterns titles but will be a flip book for both.

3) All New Marvel Now by Marvel where they once again start over with new #1 issues and new titles such as Black Widow, New Warriors, All New X-Factor and others.

4) Batman: Eternal by DC where Batman gets a weekly title.

5) The New 52: Futures End by DC which is the second announced weekly title that will be about the future of the DC Universe and will have Batman Beyond in it.

6) Detective Comics vol 2 #27 by DC is one that will come out the first week in 2014 on January 8 but it's one to look forward to because it's the issue that first introduced Batman. Way back in 1939 Batman was put into the comic Detective Comics #27 and for this volume 2 of the title DC will be honoring the original. Though it's going to cost us $7.99 so be ready for that.

7) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1 by Dark Horse will hit the shelves in March and with the way season 9 ended I'm really looking forward to this new season.

8) Serenity Leaves on the Wind by Dark Horse where we get to read about the crew of Serenity once again.

9) Tomb Raider by Dark Horse brings Lara Croft to the printed page again and she's still be a bad ass.

10)  Last but far from least is the second half and last episodes of season 4 of The Walking Dead on AMC. Ok so this technically is not a comic but it is one of the best shows on television right now and with the way it ended it's mid season and the way it's following the comic (in a round about way) the last half will continue to be mind blowing good.