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Ice Cube (Are We There Yet?)

Ice Cube: The Interview (Are We There Yet?)

The Ice Cube starring movie "Are We There Yet?" is now a TV series on TBS.  We sit down with Cube, now executive producer, to talk about the show...

SHAKEFIRE: Hi. Thanks for talking to us today. My first question for you is how did you get involved in the sitcom and talk a little bit about the, you know, the process of getting onto the show.

ICE CUBE: Joe Roth, who’s the - he (runs) Revolution Studios which the movies were made at Revolution. He said he wanted to do a third movie and I really wasn’t interested in doing that role again on - as a feature. So he said, you know, that I got another idea. He said, “What if we took it to TV,” you know, “Are you interested in producing?”

And I, you know, that really kind of turned me on especially when he said that he had talked to Ali LeRoi and, you know, we were thinking about Terry Crews and, you know it just kind of all came together. It was like a no-brainer and TBS who had, you know, done these with Tyler Perry so well, it’s the perfect place for a sitcom like Are We There Yet?

SF: Yes. Now what did you like so much about being an - a process of being an executive producer? Is there something that’s been - you found different in terms of the rewards of it?

IC: Well just being a producer, period, it allows me to work on multiple projects and be really in the mix, you know, where the decisions are being made. And the shape of the show and, you know, what we’re trying to do. It’s a little tricky with ten episodes, you know, but (in) success, you know, hopefully we’ll be able to really dig in there and do some, you know, very, very interesting television.

SF: Yes. Just one more question. Have you had - in the process of shooting - I know you’re also on the show as well as being the executive producer - what’s been your most memorable experience in working on it so far?

IC: Just going out and, you know, getting with the cast for the first time on the set. We’re shooting in Connecticut. And, you know, after talking about this thing but to actually come together and start shooting, you know, episode 1, you know, I think we’re all going to remember that time, especially if we get picked up. Because, you know, if we get picked up this is like, you know, a two year grind of, you know, trying to really, really make good television for that long.

So, you know I think we’re all going to remember the first day because, you know, after we get going it’s definitely going to just be a memory.

SF: I was wondering, what is going to be different and what’s going to be the same about the movie and the television show?

IC: Well, what’s going to be different is that it’s not a road trip, not a lot of moving. What’s going to be the same is the dynamic of a new father, you know, I mean you have so many of these stories out here in America where somebody’s trying to make a new family or put together a family and, you know, it’s not really been explored on television a lot.

So that dynamic to me is really kind of what we’re hanging our hat on, is the fact that, you know, you got this guy trying to be the new dad, you know, and all the heart - the heartache he goes through trying to live up to that. So I think that’s what you got out of the movie and that’s what you’ll get out of the sitcom.

SF: And I was just curious, of late you’ve kind of had some fun working in family entertainment area and kind of what has been a big surprise for you about your role in that part of the entertainment business?

IC: Acceptance. You know, if you probably Google me before you took your kid to see Are We There Yet, you know, I would think a lot of parents would be like “Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not sure.” But, you know, to me it’s the right decision, you know, especially the longevity to go after the children of my fans with something that they can be a part of.

So I just think that’s the biggest thing, just kind of, you know, being accepted by those, you know, moms out there to give it a shot, to give Are We There Yet the movie a shot and then, you know, they gave Are We Done Yet a shot. And I believe they believe that they can give the television show a shot.

SF:  Oh okay, yes. In that sense kind of going back a little bit, I mean, what first - were - did you first approach the idea of acting or were you approached?

IC: I was approached by John Singleton.

SF: Oh okay.

IC: Who directed Boys in the Hood.

SF: Right.

IC: And he saw something in me and he said he knew I could do it. He had to pursue me for a couple of years because, you know, I really wasn’t interested in acting because he was young, I had never tried it, so I didn’t know - even know if I could do it, so. And I was just trying to be the best rapper in the world at that time. So thank God he did pursue me and thank God I ended up doing it.

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