Bones: The Complete Second Season


Regular Air Date: 
Mondays 8/7C
On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If I had only 10 seconds to describe Bones, I’d say the Bones series are a more romantic CSI with dark humor. Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, is a forensic anthropologist. She is teamed with F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, to solve mysteries. Agent Booth mistrusts science and he is skeptical about finding clues from studying bones and dead bodies. The typical two stubborn and complicate characters, of course, argue over each other investigation styles and theories. I enjoy Booth’s sarcastic and dark humor in response to Brennan’s intelligent comments.

Brennan and Booth are often aided by friends/colleagues. Angela Montenegro specializes in facial reconstruction, and she is also Brennan’s best friend. There is something going on between her and Dr. Jack Hodgins, an entomologist. Hodgins helps Booth professionally and personally. And there is Dr. Zach Addy, a former student of Brennan, and he has lately been portrayed as Brennan’s future rival.

“Aliens in a Spaceship” is my favorite season two episode. It illustrates humanity and natural reaction to a fatal danger, and the truth comes out when you think you are going to die. A relationship between Brennan and Booth at the end of the episode reminds me of Scully and Mulder’s relationship in the X-File series.

My favorite guest appearance has to be Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top as the father of Angela Montenegro (FYI ZZ fans: He plays the classic "La Grange" in the season finale episode).

Just like many series, all the characters show more emotions and deeper feelings in season two. Each character is challenged by tensions, love, career and friendship.

If you enjoy the first season, you will love the second season even more. If you missed some episodes or you have not watched the previous episodes at all, you will still understand Bones. But if you are not interested in the romantic side of forensic drama, you may be irritated by the development of the love interests between the characters. Although I do enjoy exploring the romance between Brennan and Booth, the awkward situation does not go on and on. I almost yelled, “Kiss already!”

Review by Pat Trabi