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Irish pop duo Heathers formed in 2007 around the talents of 17-year old Dublin-based twin sisters Louise and Ellie Macnamara. Heathers released their first album Here, Not there in 2008 and the first single off that album - 'Remember When' – was a Number 1 in Ireland and also ran for 3 years as the soundtrack to the most expensive advertisement ever made by The Irish Tourist Board. In 2012 the girls signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing and Heathers subsequently recorded their second album 'Kingdom' with producer Max Dingel (White Lies). Titled 'Kingdom, songs from the album have featured on shows such as 90210 (CBS) & Mob Wives (VHI) in the US, as well as The Voice, X Factor, Waterloo Road and various others in the UK.

Heathers have recently signed deals with Warner Music for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland, Sony Music Entertainment for Canada and are set to release Kingdom April 8 via Sony RED.

Shouldn't your name be "Ellielouise"?

Probably! Infact, people always ask us if we’re both called ’Heather’ so it would probably save a lot of confusion. Originally we were going to go for something along the lines of ‘Ellie and Louise’ but our brother insisted that it wasn’t cool enough and we agreed!

Do you ever watch TV live or do you DVR everything?

We rarely watch TV live because we never have the time. But when we do, it’s always something strange like ‘Grand Designs’ (a TV show from the UK about building fancy houses) or Masterchef or re- runs of the Kardashians. DVR and Netflix all the way!

When is the last time you used film in a camera?

Pretty recently actually. Myself and Louise received beautiful Diana cameras when we visited the Lomography store in Toronto. This is our first time using film cameras in a very long time and it’s so much fun!!

The Voice, X Factor or American Idol?

Probably The Voice. A lot of these shows can often focus on the back stories of contestants and also appearances rather than actual talent but there’s no room for this on The Voice.

What was your first Tweet?

“Hi, we're Heathers and have just set up our Twitter account! If you like our tunes, we'd love you to follow us and we'll post all our updates!”

What is the last video you took on your cell phone?

We’ve just returned from a round the world tour( literally) through Asia and then the States where we played at SXSW in Austin. We took so many videos that we plan on putting together very soon… so .. I think the last one was a sneaky video of our plane coming in over New York City which was pretty incredible.

What is the worst MP3 you own?

There was a UK You Tube sensation a while ago called ‘One Pound Fish’. I was trying to explain to some friends what it was and ended up buying the MP3. It’s pretty horrendous. If you ever want a laugh, YouTube this!!

Isn't water just essentially cloud juice?

Haha! YES, and honestly, if we dumped the whole ‘water’ thing and just kept it to cloud juice it would probably make this world a far better place ( and make me drink more water ;) )

In what ways have your grown since you formed as teenagers?

We’ve grown in so many ways. I think our songwriting and performance has developed so much. I think we’ve also become a lot more comfortable with ourselves which helps a lot! We’ve travelled so much and met so many people since we began Heathers and this has definitely helped to shape who we are today.

You have signed numerous record deals in various parts of the world. Did you ever expect this much attention when you first decided to make music?

Not at all. It’s always been a dream of ours that we never thought would come true. We started Heathers for fun and didn’t think anything would come of it and it’s just grown and grown. It’s pretty amazing!

Peter Oberth
Interview by Peter Oberth
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