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NUMBER JAM (JULY 22, 2013)


Opening weekend for The Conjuring directed by James Wan.


Wan's highest lifetime grossing movie (2004's Saw).


Average lifetime gross for a movie directed by Wan.


Opening weekend for Turbo starring the voice of Ryan Reynolds.


Reported budget & marketing for Turbo.


Opening weekend for Red 2 starring Bruce Willis and featuring Mary-Louise Parker.


Opening weekend for 2010's Red.


Budget of Red 2, compared to Red's $58 million.


Opening weekend for R.I.P.D. starring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon, also featuring Mary-Louise Parker.


Reported budget & marketing for R.I.P.D.


The last time Bacon opened a wide release lower than R.I.P.D. (James Wan's Death Sentence).


Average opening weekend of Reynolds' last 5 movies prior to this weekend.


Average opening weekend for Reynolds' 2 movies this weekend.


Average budget of those 2 Reynolds movies.


Average opening for the 2 movies that opened this weekend featuring Mary-Louise Parker.


Average budget of those 2 Parker movies.


Number of $100 million+ budgeted movies that have bombed so far this year (Pacific Rim, R.I.P.D., The Lone Ranger, Turbo, White House Down, Oblivion, A Good Day to Die Hard, Jack the Giant Slayer, After Earth, The Hangover Part III).