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Spider-man: Edge Of Time

Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

Ship Date: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Time To Finish: 
7.5 hours

“Spider-man: Edge of Time” is supposed to be a sequel to the hit videogame “Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions,” which came out last year. The only problem is, all the things that made “Shattered Dimension” a fun game was removed for “Edge of Time.” In this game, you only get to play as Amazing Spider-man and Spider-man 2099. The story is Spider-man 2099 is on the trail of Dr. Walker Sloan, who is causing trouble with his time machine and forcing changes in both dimensions. Both Spider-men team up to stop him and keep their times the way they are.

I loved “Shattered Dimensions” and should not be comparing the two games, but they were developed by the same company and I expected the same level of greatness on both games. The game’s visuals and sound were not the issues. I thought the backgrounds and the cut scenes looked great and both Spider-men and the bosses looked very realistic and perfectly textured. The soundtrack and the sound effects were very fitting for the game and the voice acting was spot on. The game was also filled with a bunch of challenges and costumes to unlock to change your playing experience. These were the things the developers actually got right.

 My major gripes were the repetitive gameplay, the controls, vertical stages for Spider-man 2099, and the camera angles. I liked the story, but after a couple of hours of playing the game, everything started to seem the same and things got old really fast. At least there was lot more variety in the game play for “Shattered Dimensions.” As for the controls, they lacked counters to enemy attacks and when I tried to web shoot, I found it difficult to get where wanted to be causing me to die numerous times. Also, I hated the fact that I stuck to wall and everything else as soon as I touched it. As for the vertical stages for Spider-man 2099, they had way too many and it was frustrating to play over and over. Lastly, I hated the camera angles and found myself adjusting them fairly often during my enemy battles. These were the things that made me want to throw my controller out the window.

I really do feel this game had a lot of potential, but the developers should have thought it out a lot better. I am a comic book nerd and I did appreciate their accuracy in the characters, but I wish it were a better game. For those reasons, I am giving this game a “C.” 

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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