The Hills Have Eyes: Unrated

The Hills Have Eyes

On DVD: 
Monday, May 21, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 45 Minutes

A family is on a road trip heading to California and wanting to see the desert. Along the way they stop at a shady gas station where the attendant offers up a shortcut by taking a dirt road.  Little do they know this leads through an area were nuclear testing had taken place leaving the inhabitants a little less then normal. They will find that out soon enough when all the tires on their truck and camper pop and they are left to fight for their survival in the middle of nowhere against a group of mutated humans.

This is one of those few remakes where you actually think to yourself “This is how it is suppose to be done”. From being burned alive to the possible “rape” from one of these mutants you realize that this will sum up everything a horror movie should be with tons of blood, violence, and jumps included. I didn’t see the theatrical version; but the unrated version is only 1 minute longer so I don’t really think you are going to get much more this one. Of course it still goes pretty far rated or not. The bonus features have commentary, a making of, production diaries (that show how various scenes were done), and a music video by The Finalist. If you are a fan of horror films this one should be right up your alley. If you are scared to watch these kinds of movies this one is not the one to start with. Just be prepared for a little slow beginning, if you can make it through that the movie starts to fly.

Review by Trevor Kosecki