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Don Peris: The Old Century

The Old Century

(Don Peris)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don Peris of the Innocence Mission releases a solo album entitled The Old Century. The album is an all instrumental album featuring Peris on guitar, each track aptly named for the ambiance of the sound in which Peris emits from his instrument. This album is all about relaxation and meditation.

My first go with the album was a bit tricky. Imagine getting in your car and driving and throwing on an album that is so relaxing and so enveloping it should come with a warning label not to operate heavy machinery. I had to shake myself from a stupor a few times, but all together, as I am an acoustic guitar junkie, I loved it.

Later when I revisited the album I made note to check the titles of each track as they flowed through my headphones. I’ll be honest, I took a few naps over the course of the day as I tried to get a straight run through of the album in its entirety, but found that the album, for me, had to be taken in baby steps.

In any case the track titles simply offer suggestion as the song begins to play. Without much to go on but titles like Flight, Bicycling, Ranger, etc, you really have to let your minds eye do the creative work for you. Peris does an excellent job of creating atmosphere, but really, you’ll only get as much out of the album as your willing to put in. I would suggest starting with Flight, my favorite track off the album. It’s whimsical like and made me think of a flat Stanley like character taking flight on the breeze. Kind of silly I guess, but everyone will have their own vision of each song, between naps. All in all, a great soft sounding album that you can throw on when you get home from work or even if you’re having trouble trying to sleep at night. This is the medicine for you. So peaceful. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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