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By Pandora

Pandora Tries Out Cholula Hot Sauce 4-Pack

I yet again was lucky enough to get another product in to try out and see how it is. This time around I tested the Cholula Hot Sauce 4 Pack (Original, Chili Lime, Chipotle, Chili Garlic).  Just wish that this had been around when I had the tequila because Mexican food & margaritas are fantastic.

Anyway the four pack comes in a cardboard holder (similar to that of bottles of soda or beer but smaller). Inside are glass bottles, each containing a different flavor of hot sauce. They are capped with different colored wooden stoppers. And these stoppers really work, several bottles in my fridge ended up on their sides, were that way for days and nothing leaked out, and this was after using them several times. The bottles fit well in fridge doors but they are also nice enough looking that setting them out when company is over will not be a source of embarrassment.

Now I have tried the original Cholula hot sauce a great many times at my local Mexican restaurant. I drown my salads in it, put it on tacos, and even spice up my rice. But I have found that often restaurant carried brands have a different taste when made available in grocery stores. So I was curious to see if this was the case here.

First try with the hot sauces I went simple. Put each flavor in its own little bowl, pulled out the chips and soft tortillas and we sat there tasting each one to see what the flavor was like on its own. Then I mixed each flavor with some sour cream, let it chill in the fridge and put it on chips, taco meat, & tortillas. Then for the final test I put it on tacos that I made for dinner. Here is how they measured up.

ORIGINAL: I found the original to taste just like I remember it tasting in the restaurant (very happy about that). It is a subtle hot sauce. It adds some heat to what you are eating; but there is a flavor there as well. You don’t get the "burn your tongue off, can’t taste things for a week" feeling. You can make it hotter by putting on more sauce; but if you are a hot sauce newbie this one is not one to fear. Just start slowly with it and build as needed. I also found that it was really good when added to sour cream, giving it a slight kick.

CHILI GARLIC: I want to start off saying that I love garlic. With this sauce you really taste the garlic first, then there is a slight heat, then you taste the garlic again. The garlic taste got stronger when I put it on food. And when I added it to the sour cream it had almost a dip/hummus taste too it. I plan on actually making it a dip next time I have guests over. If you are not a fan of garlic at all step away from this one. If you are alright with garlic taste but don’t love it I would suggest giving it a quick drop on the finger taste test before coating your food in it.

CHILI LIME: Similar sort of situation with the Chili Garlic, the lime flavoring is strong with this one. So if you are not a fan of lime, well you should be able to finish that on your own. Anyway, on its own it was too much for me. And added to sour cream it made it almost taste like it was going bad. BUT, and this is important, when added to food the taste leveled out and was pretty good. Why is that important? Well because how often are you eating hot sauce just on its own or on chips only? So this one if you are unsure give it a try by putting a drop on a fork full of food and not by doing the finger tip taste. You will get a completely different flavor.

CHIPOTLE: There is a smoky taste, similar to that in BBQ sauces (yes I know chipotle is used in many BBQ sauces). My husband loved this one and I enjoyed it. When I added it to food there was almost a sweet taste to it which at first really surprised me but after the initial shock I liked it. The sour cream test, well that was just an odd mix. It didn’t taste bad or good, just very very odd. I am looking forward to using this one on burgers in the future and maybe even mix into some BBQ to give it a little heat.

All in all I really enjoyed the sauces, some much more than others. The stand outs are the Chipotle and Chili Garlic and of course you can’t go wrong with Original. Also love that they are 0 calories so I can add flavor & spice to food without worrying about how many calories are being added with each drop. I’m not sure this 4-Pack will work out for everyone though. Ask yourself if you are a fan of garlic, lime, and/or chipotle. If you like most of the flavors listed & enjoy hot sauce then I actually think you will enjoy this set and have fun adding it to a variety of foods. If you detest/hate one or more flavors then perhaps you should just stick with the original flavor as your go-to. Also if you are looking for that nuclear, knock you down, burn your mouth, you start sweating before the bottle is even opened type of hot sauce I’m not sure this will be strong enough for you. It would serve more as (excuse the pun) a warm up to the main event.

What I also like about this and feel I should mention is I love having family & friends over and cooking for them. This will be a nice addition to the condiments so guest can customize their food more. So keep it in mind if you plan on hosting dinners & events at home with the upcoming holidays.

If you are still not sure or think that hot sauce is only good for Mexican food Cholula official site has recipes and on their Facebook page they & their fans share recipes to give you more ideas.

Price: I have seen listed around $20 or under.

Official Site: www.cholula.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cholula
Twitter: www.twitter.com/CholulaHotSauce