>> Supernatural: War Of The Sons (2010)

Title: Supernatural: War of the Sons

Author: Rebecca Dessertine & David Reed

Genre: Entertainment, Fiction, Other, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Teens

Publisher: Titan Books

Pages: 330

Release Date: August 31, 2010

Rating: 0.81 (out of 4.00)

Grade: D-

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Dean & Sam are still on their endless search to find a way to trap the Devil without either of them becoming vessels. One nite in a bar after a hard day on the road they run into yet another angel, Abaddon. Abaddon who has stood guarding the gates of Hell to keep Lucifer in has recently discovered the joys of life on Earth and has no desire to go back to his old job. He informs the Winchesters that he knows of a way not only to stop the Apocalypse but to actually kill Lucifer for good.

Dean doesn’t trust him and wants nothing more to do with angels, demons, and their lies & manipulations in trying to get the brothers to cave. Sam however sees a chance (even if it is a small one) to perhaps end what they started. As the brothers argue over the right move Sam takes the initiative and Abaddon transports them back to the 1950’s.  Now they will have to find the elusive missing pages of the Dead Sea Scrolls, translate it, figure out the meaning, and somehow get back to their time so they can defeat the Devil.

There are so many problems with this book I honestly have no idea where to start. The overall feeling I walked away with was that these weren’t The Winchesters, this is not Supernatural, and wondered if the author has ever even seen the show in more than just clips here & there. Once I finally finished the book I found my answer in a note from author Rebecca Dessertine explaining how the deadline of the book conflicted with her wedding so she brought in David Reed. Trust me fans if you actually read this book after what I have to say you will see what I mean, it was phoned in and almost disgraces the characters & storyline.

Throughout the whole book you have common information about Dean, Sam, and their past laid out for you in depth. I’m talking about paragraphs & paragraphs talking about how Dean dresses like his father, listens to the same music, how Sam rebelled at a young age, and eventually drank demon blood. Yet for as hard as they try to get you caught up on the history of The Winchesters and what has been going on thus far they change Dean & Sam up so much that they feel more like parodies of the characters instead. They have them doing things they would never do, coming up with plans they would never try, saying stuff they would never say. It was hard to read.

They meet set back after set back throughout the book in order to kill time & drag out an already weak story. Example: They get the scroll but have two other hunters from that time tagging along, so Dean & Sam shake them, only to figure out they still need their help so they go back to them, only to shake them again later, and then yet again return. In an attempt to spice up the tale they put in over the top action stunts such as Dean coming down from the top of a skyscraper on a rope, shooting out a window, and busting in to help Sam in stealing the scrolls. They are also running from cops, jumping from moving trains, disconnecting trains cars, rigging large buildings to blow up, then running back inside to actually set the explosion off, and much more. Sure there are some fairly large action type scenes that take place on the show but this number and to this magnitude is odd. It isn’t “Die Hard”.

But finally the two acts that stand out the most in why this book is just not what it is supposed to be. First Sam willing allows a demon to possess him and further more Dean is alright with it as part of their plan. WTF. Next Dean sits down to tell his love interest of the book everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. You get to read as Dean lays out the Michael/Lucifer showdown, how he & Sam are vessels, etc. And this is to a woman who has caused them nothing but trouble, has almost gotten them killed, is trying to take the scrolls from them, and did steal the Ruby knife.

Overall it is an awkward, ill fitting saga in the Supernatural series. There are a few glimmers here & there of what it should have been but that isn’t enough to support the weak story that uses mishaps to drag it along instead of putting thought into actually fleshing it out to something decent. I am a faster reader, and when a book is good I’m even faster. I can usually clear a 500+ page book in an afternoon with no problem. This book is 330 pages and it took me over a week to muddle through the crap that it is. Seeing as it doesn’t further the story for you I would suggest to fans just skipping it, you aren’t missing anything.


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