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Chuck Palahniuk’s new book Rant is a fictional biography of a man who becomes known as a serial killer, a savior, and an icon after his death, Rant Casey.... Read more

The Problem With Murmur Lee

Murmur Lee Harp finds her soul traveling through time to witness events that happened to her great-great grandfather through her own life after her mysterious death. Now her friends attempt to deal with her death and try to uncover how it happened.... Read more

Too Beautiful for You: Tales of Improper Behavior

This book takes you through the lives of numerous people that have crossed the lines of appropriate behavior and either do not realize it or are willing to do anything to keep it hidden.  Each chapter is a peek into another person’s life.... Read more

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Dexter Morgan works for the Miami police as a blood splatter specialist; but there is much more to Dexter than that. He is also a serial killer seeking out victims that “deserve” to die, like the priest that killed children.... Read more

A Good Forest for Dying

‘A Good Forest for Dying’ is a perfect example of impartial journalism. David ‘Gypsy’ Chain was an environmental activist from the extreme Earth First! Organization.... Read more

Dating Dead Men

Wollie Shelly keeps herself busy by running her card shop, designing her own line of cards, and participating in a dating study. Forty men in sixty days Wollie gets the feeling she will never meet Mr. Right; that is until she has a life changing event.... Read more