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AFSHeeN: Quickie 10

From the start of AFSHeeN's journey he has created music for an array of major international artists: Kapena, Helen, Farshid Ovgi, who is a well respected Swedish music producer as well as many others. He also has had the privilege of opening for DJ Alligator who has been a huge inspiration to AFSHeeN. Outside of that AFSHeeN has done live sound engineering for numerous of international bands as well as done post production audio work for Deevart.

1. I'm so glad _______ is over

last night

2. Two people you respect:
My father and my brother

3. Anything you have been addicted to lately?
I'm addicted to the office

4. Door 1 or the mystery box?
I'll take the mystery box.

5. Gift you are most wanting to receive:
a million dollars

6. Life tip you are willing to share?
you only get to live once. do it your way.

7. Are you good at keeping secrets?

8. Best age to be is:

9. You have had great success in remixing material.  Were you nervous about the reaction you would get to the original music on your new EP?
not at all. I was very happy with the outcome of my EP.

10. When you remix music, do you see the song as a base to work with or something that you can tweak and alter to give it new life?
both. it all depends on the project and the vibe.

Interview by Kara Johnson