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American Bang

American Bang: Quickie 10

American Bang’s self-titled, loud, sexy, and soulful major-label debut album is a memorable and melodic introduction to the Nashville-based rock group. The album successfully captures all the amazing grace and guts of their deep musical roots and Southern accent. From the pounding and gritty opening of “Whiskey Walk,” to the instantly anthemic “Wild & Young,” to the messy, Stonesy romance of “Hurts Like Hell,” it’s clear that American Bang shoots straight at the heart of great American rock ‘n roll.

1. Fly or drive?
I like to Drive!

2. Ever thrown something at a road sign?
Bottles of Beer and Bottles of piss :)

3. Small Town or Big City?
I like the small towns cause they always seem excited to have something to do

4. Have you ever broken any bones? If so what
I broke my collar bone when i was a kid.  I flew off a merry go round!.  That shit hurt!

5. Past or future
I love the past but i'm all about the future

6. You couldn't pay me to:
Jump out of a plane

7. Do you have any pets?
We are gone too much for me to have time to take care of a pet

8. Have you ever thrown up on someone?
no but i've been thrown up on !  It sucked!

9. When is the last time you ran?

Just the other day, i'm always trying to run but i just get so bored with it.

10. Do you have a title for your upcoming album yet?
Its self titled "American Bang".  Coming out later this summer!!!  Check it out!

Interview by Kara Johnson