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Asher Monroe

Asher Monroe: Quickie 10

Shakefire.com had the chance to sit down with singer/songwriter Asher Monroe in our latest Quickie 10.  See what he has to say about The Olympics, dancing and more...

1. What Olympic sport would you like to try?
The only sport on a Olympic level that I think I could do really well with would be curling. It looks so deceptively easy! lol

2. Go to dance move?
I've got many up my sleeve. Can't pick just one!
3. Do you still have your tonsils?
I do. I've been temped to take them out but I'm very nervous because it right there next to my vocal chords.

4. Are you more like your Mom or Dad?
I'm more like my mom.
5. What is your favorite time of day?
Evening. I'm not a morning person. I like when day just about turns to night.

6. Inside or outside?
I'm inside more. I miss the illusive outside. I somehow find myself trapped in the studio all day. Ha!

7. I have a hard time saying the word:

8. You have been on several TV shows, as well as being in the movie Fame. Do you have any upcoming appearances fans can look out for?
I'm focusing primarily on finishing up my album and touring these days, so I'll be out on the road soon doing some shows across the US. Details to come...

9. Do you have a title for you upcoming debut album?
I notice a lot of artists come up with overly complicated names for there albums. I'm contemplating making it easy for my fans: 'Asher Monroe'. What do you think ? : )

10. Describe your upcoming album in 5 words:
Compelling. Melodic. Genuine. Pop. Music.

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