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Delivering aggressive, no-frills metallic hardcore of the highest caliber, BEARTOOTH crash land on the heavy music landscape with the appropriately titled SICK EP, masterminded by young veteran/ multitalented instrumentalist/producer/songwriter Caleb Shomo.

Favorite noise?

Feedback or Distortion

Ever have your hand slammed in a car door?

Yep. Worst day of my 5 year old life.

Last time you went to a club?

Summer 2011 in England

Have you ever used an electronic cigarette?

All the time. AltSmoke

Ugliest thing you own?

Short shorts

Worst way to die?


Something that you own that is red?

Sprinter Van

Forgive and forget or seek revenge?

Forgive and forget, always

What was the thought process behind releasing an EP instead of a full-length?

It's a lot faster of a process finishing an EP than a full length, Just wanted to get people hearing songs faster

Was there ever a thought of bringing in an outside producer or was this always an in-house project?

For the EP it was all in house and for almost the entire full length it was just me. I was in LA a few days ago and did some writing for John Feldmann because I felt like he's the only producer who knows me well enough to make a Beartooth song with me.

Interview by Kara Johnson