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Benny Marchant

Benny Marchant: Quickie 10

Benny Marchant is a dynamic young singer-songwriter who has entrenched himself the Los Angeles music scene with a sophisticated, contemporary vibe that speaks to young and old alike about love, loss, journey and victory.

1. Fill in the blank: ____are so over-rated
frog legs

2. Are you young at heart or do you have an old soul?
i have a young heart with an old soul

3. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
yes if done on purpose

4. What do you do in your downtime?
world of warcraft

5. Favorite midnight snack:
hot chocolate

6. Day or Night?
both, day for the beach, night for music

7. How "green" are you
i hope to buy an electric car.

8. Favorite place to be:
on the road

9. Your biggest influence is:
my family

10. Explain your upcoming album in one sentence:
"Cold Weather" will be my first solo record

Interview by Kara Johnson