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Big Little Lions

Big Little Lions

The ferocious songwriting duo of Helen Austin and Paul Otten, known as Big Little Lions, will be releasing their debut EP, Paper Cage, on May 6th, 2014. Their sound is a dynamic fusion of feel-good and deep emotion that leaves the listener with a strong emotional reaction - the result is sweet and soothing folk that has been described as "Pomplamoose meets Mumford & Sons." Even before releasing any music, Big Little Lions has been featured in various TV placements. Their song "This Road With You" has appeared in MTV's Catfish and ABC's The Vineyard, as well as three Ikea commercials. You can check them out more, here: www.biglittlelions.com.

Ever shopped at a dollar store?

Helen: of course!
Paul: Only when I'm hungry ;)

Last time you had a picnic?

Helen: depends what you mean by picnic… is drinking wine outside a picnic?
Paul: Good question. What year is it now?

Are you wearing shoes right now?

Helen: yes… UGGs… sorry.
Paul: nope

Least favorite holiday?

Helen: lying on a beach all day in a bikini.
Paul: How can you not like a holiday? If Sweetest Day is considered a holiday, then that one!

Smoothie or milkshake?

Helen: Smoothie… but not too much of the green stringy kale stuff.
Paul: Smoothie please, hold the mayo.

Character from a book you would like to be:

Helen: Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
Paul: Spiderman

Were you a part of any clubs growing up?

Helen: Not really… unless drinking cider in the park with your friends is called a club these days.
Paul: We had a "bicycle gang" in my neighborhood. Does that count?

How many pieces of jewelry are you wearing?

Helen: One - my wedding ring (but not the real one… I lost that 8 years ago and this is a $10 replacement)
Paul: Zero. I don't even wear a watch.

Were you surprised when your music ended up on MTV's 'Catfish'?

Helen: Yes, I was surprised it happened so fast.
Paul: Pleasantly. And I was just glad I didn't end up on Catfish.

Your album doesn't come out until May. Is that a strategic plan or is it not finished yet?

Helen: strategic… of course ;)
Paul: Strategic

Interview by Kara Johnson