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Big Reeno

Big Reeno
Big Reeno is a young, emerging music sensation, whose unique brand of Hip Hop has earned him accolades and fans from across the country. Calling Fargo ND home, Big Reeno has been writing and performing music since the tender age of seven and has worked, toured and performed with artists such as Nelly, Tech N9ne, MGK, Sean Kingston, T-pain, The Game, Flo Rida, Taio Cruz, Rittz, Chingy, Murs, ILL BILL, Nipsey Hussle and more.
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Favorite childhood item?

You are the first person to ever ask me that question (Laughs). I dont know, thats a good one.. Ummmm, its gotta be between my rap notepads, my game boy, my super Nintendo, and these little Lego like building blocks I used to love playing with. I think I will go with my rap notepads. I started writing music when I was 7 years old, and between the ages of 7yrs old to 16yrs old, I had about 3 or 4 notepads filled with rap verses and full blown r&b songs. I swear I had some kiddie hit records in those notepads (laughs).

Cologne you wear:

1 million by Paco Rabanne. Ladies seem to really love that smell. Random women walk pass me in the mall or at the club, turn around and go "Oh my God you smell so good!". It’s the perfect ice breaker.

Last movie trailer you saw?

The new movie Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terrence Howard. I'm a big fan of the Governator so I will definitely be seeing that when it comes out in theaters.

Fastest way to your heart?

Ummm, I love funny, goofy girls. If a lady is funny, goofy and God fearing, that really turns me on. Then if she really knows how to take care of her man, like give me a massage every now and then, and cook for a brother, she got me.

Bridges or tunnels?

I gotta go with bridges. Tunnels get me a little nervous (laughs). I mean, Princess Diana died in a tunnel right? I figure if royalty can die in a tunnel, who the hell am I? You feel me?! (laughs)

First thing you go for when you are thirsty?

I gotta say beer. A big Old English 40oz malt liquor preferably. I keep it hood in this department.

I'm good at:

Rapping, performing, soccer, business, eating, day dreaming and making it a reality, watching crime TV shows, and procrastinating. I'm very good at that.

Ever been in a fender bender?

Ohhhh yeah (Laughs). I crashed into the back of this Toyota Prius on my college graduation day because I fell asleep on the wheel. See, I hadnt slept in like 48hrs because I was studying for my finals and also moving into a new place at the same time. There wasnt a single scratch on my SUV but the back of that Prius was gone! What really scared me was I had my sister and her new born baby in the car with me. They were ok but the baby was all I could think about when the accident first occurred. I'm so glad that my nephew was ok. I remember I was scheduled to perform with Tech N9ne that night too and I was late to the show because of the accident.

North Dakota is not what people think of when they think of rap and hip hop. Was it difficult to break out coming from Fargo?

North Dakota is not only absent from the hip hop map, it is absent from the music map in general. It was crazy difficult to break into the music scene coming out of Fargo. The radio stations really dont support local artists, and I basically got laughed at everytime I mentioned I was coming out of Fargo ND. So I definitely had to work a lot harder than my peers in cities like Atlanta, Texas, California and all. But I dont mind being the under dog and putting in the work. Its just like I said in a freestyle I did last year to Drakes Started From The Bottom track, I've worked & toured with people like Nelly, Flo Rida, Tech N9ne, MGK, T-Pain & Sean Kingston just to name a few, and I did all this from my Fargo North Dakota address. So I aint worried about nothing (laughs).

You have a lot of fans outside of the U.S., including Asia. How did you garner that attention?

I got my fans and the internet to thank for that. Facebook and Youtube have been very good to me. I had no idea I was getting so much love internationally until my manager got a call for me to come to Asia and perform a few shows. One of which was with Taio Cruz & Sean Kingston, and ended up being the biggest show in Sri Lanka history with over 20,000 people in attendance. That was a great show! Also, I gotta give it up to my fans for the word of mouth. There are alot of international students who go to college in North Dakota, they go back home to their countries and take my music with them, they also post links to my music on their facebook and twitter pages for their friends and family to check out. Its all that. All that has helped me build my fan base internationally. Now we are getting messages from clubs and promoters in Sweden, England, Qatar and Dubai. Its a beautiful thing man. I am really blessed.

Interview by Kara Johnson