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Black Tide

Black Tide: Quickie 10

Black Tide come out of the gate with all guns blazing. Their Interscope Records debut, Light from Above, is a loaded salvo of fret-burning, hyper-charged riffs. The Florida quartet churns out fist-pumping, fast-paced metallic anthems with no remorse. Their sound channels the forefathers of heavy metal, but with a dose of 21st century attitude. Cuts like "Shockwave," "Warriors of Time" and "Show Me The Way" pack enough explosive energy to ignite any crowd. Drummer Steven Spence lays down a propulsive percussive backdrop for Zakk Sandler's volatile bass lines. Meanwhile, guitarist Austin Diaz rips mean leads across the rhythmic battlefield, picking each note with an unmatched fury. At the eye of the storm is vocalist and guitarist Gabriel Garcia. Leading the charge, his voice carries hooks to Hell and back, while he scorches his strings. He fires off every chorus with conviction and charisma.

1. Favorite horror movie?
My favorite horror movie easily goes to the first Nightmare on Elm Street film. When I first saw it I had trouble sleeping for months, and I was still only about 8 years old. Pretty traumatic experience for a child. The entire series was pretty great overall, even when it got really cheesy around the 4th one, they always stayed just creepy enough to enjoy them to the fullest.

2. Ever spent a night in jail?
I have spent the night in jail before and the worst part is, it wasn't even my fault! I can't say exactly what happened due to legal reasons, but it was not a fun time. Spending a night in a Texas jail cell is a good way to scare you from ever wanting to do something that would really get you locked up. At least they brought us bags of chips.

3. Hashtag or "Like"?
What the fuck is a "hashtag"? I guess I'm gonna go with "Like", makes a lot more sense to me. Somebody says something that you like, so you tell them that you like it by clicking a tiny little button, genius!

4. What is the coolest party trick you know?
The coolest party trick I know is I can lick my elbow. You will rarely find someone who can actually do that and I am damn proud of the fact that I'm part of that really small percentage of shoulder-less people who can.

5. What are you favorite two words that rhyme?
Suck and Fuck!

6. Have you ever continued to A1A Beach Front Avenue?
Hahahahaha, "hot girls, wearing less than bikinis, rocking lovers, driving Lamborghini’s" . I have never had my Vanilla Ice experience like that in Miami. 
7. 2012 Hype or could happen?
Biggest load of shit I have ever heard. I'm not big into people interpreting things they've read into bullshit propaganda. It's just like the whole Y2K shit that people were freaking out about before, it's such a joke now and nobody really knows what they're talking about anyways.

8. Can you give us your favorite movie spoiler?
Best movie spoiler of all time is probably at the end of "The Sixth Sense" when you realize that the lead guy with the hair is Bruce Willis! Ten points to you if you get the reference.

9. Being influenced by artists that were in their prime before you formed, do you find it difficult to stay inspired?
Since we aren't inspired only by artists from the past it's really easy to stay inspired! We don't limit ourselves to what we listen to in any way. Staying open to all types of music is the key to always being creative because you will find something you've never heard before.

10. The first single for 'Post Mortem' was released in 2010 which was followed by numerous delays. Are there any songs on the album that weren't on the original incarnation?
The only song that made it after we postponed it was the song "Fight Til The Bitter End". I feel like that was probably the one tiny piece of the puzzle that was missing for this album and I'm glad that were able to write and record it before this record came out. Sometimes your best material comes at the very end.

Interview by Kara Johnson