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Blood On The Dance Floor

Blood On The Dance Floor: Quickie 10

BOTDF are ready to share their message of love and courage to the world in 2012, and with a full slate of touring planned behind the release—including the upcoming Fight To Unite Tour with Brokencyde, Deuce, William Control, New Years Day, The Bunny The Bear, Polkdot Cadaver and Haley Rose—their much-needed words are guaranteed to reach more ears than ever. Not only will fans witness a band that’s evolved, but BOTDF also hope the album will spur personal, individual growth among everyone who listens.

1. Where were you born?
Fort Bragg, NC

2. Most interesting thing a fan gave you?
Real-Life mechanical pencil drawing of both of us

3. Favorite drink?
Naked Brand Blueberry Smoothie

4. Best costume you have had?
Custom LED Bat-Wing suit...c/o my awesome Tour Manager

5. Oddest Place you have ever fallen asleep?
Green Room @ The Social in Orlando, FL

6. Do you arrive early, on time or late?
Usually, on time...but we like to have fun with it

7. How do eat your eggs?

8. Hardest thing to give up?

9. What track should everyone hear off of Evolution?
Incomplete & All Alone

10. What is the inspiration behind your music & image?
Love for all, equality, pushing the boundries of what is considered “mainstream”, yet still keeping it Punk As Fuck at heart, Motley Crue, Nine Inch Nails

Interview by Kara Johnson