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Canto is a family affair, a band consisting of three brothers all under the age of 20; Seamus Blackwell (Vocals, Guitar), Aidan Blackwell (Bass) and David Blackwell (Drums), who have a drive and talent that is beyond their years. The brothers, three of nine, come from a family that has always been heavily involved in music and were seemingly bred to play, Seamus says “I was surrounded by musicians growing up, because of it, I wanted to play any instrument I could get my hands on.“ Right down to the name of the band, which is a Latin word meaning “to sing” they showcase their love for the classics, from literature to music, and it is wildly apparent in each track on their debut album “HA HA HA.” We talk with Seamus about Jedis, Dr. Dre and anchovies...

What were you doing before this?

I was being a highschooler.

Ever worked in fast food?


Jedi or Ninja?

Jedi, let’s be real.

You can make 1 phone call, who do you call?

Dr. Dre. I would say “If you can get ‘Detox’ out before I die, that’d be great.”

Are you single?


Movie you couldn't get through:

I don’t watch a lot of movies to begin with.

Most unusual pizza topping you like?


Have you ever completed a video game 100%? If so which one?

I don’t think so. We have an old arcade machine that has ‘1942’ on it. I’ll beat it someday.

You update Facebook mainly through "behind-the-scenes" photos. Who’s the photographer of the band?

None of us are really photographers, but Dave does most of the shooting.

A lot of people say that music has been dumbed down in recent years. How important was it for you to stay true to your sound regardless of social pressure to change?

There wasn’t any pressure. We just play music that we like.

Interview by Kara Johnson