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Casey Desmond

Casey Desmond

Following her stint on NBC's "The Voice," her newest album, Deja Vu breaks new ground while remaining true to her love of 80's pop icons on 12 danceable electro-pop tracks. Casey uses her impressive collection of vintage synthesizers and keyboards to seamlessly merge her love of today's electro dance music with the classic sounds of the analog pop hits of the past, creating a one of a kind sound that is Casey Desmond. Her new music video for "Bad Habit" recently premiered on MTV Buzzworthy (http://on.mtv.com/WdneyU) and the response was incredible - adoration pouring out from blogs including Idolator, Boston Globe, Arjan Writes and Stupid Dope. Casey also handcrafts all of her own video/stage outfits with her clothing line, OHDEERGOD.

Favorite designer?

Pam Hogg

Ever seen a ghost?

When I was a child, I thought I saw many.

Favorite cereal?

Frosted mini wheats, and Reeses Puffs

Store that always makes you buy frivolous things?

Forever 21. I want every of all the zig zag, neon, and aztec patterned things.

Do you ever get your own songs stuck in your head?

Yes, especially when I´m still writing on them, or working in the studio.

What would you want your epitaph to say?

Here Lies Casey Desmond : Died Tragically Rescuing A Heard Of Her Beloved Deerkin From The Flames Of A Wildfire.

Your day isn't complete if you don't:

Listen to good music, post on vine (@caseydesmond), and play with my dogs.

Have you ever rollerbladed?

In the 90s

Your stage presence and look seems to mix futuristic with 80s throwback. Do you feel that pretty much sums up your music styling as well?

Yes and no. I love the 80´s, and because I´m obsessed with synths I suppose my music is futuristic. I just like how synths, and dance sounds. It´s my favorite music to write, even though I write all kinds.

You were a performer on The Voice for several months. Do you feel that helped or hindered the evolution of your career?

Neither. It definitely helped me gain more fans, and exposure, but it didn´t have an impact on me as an artist.

Interview by Kara Johnson