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Cheryl Reid

Cheryl Reid

CHERYL, a native of Gastonia NC presently resides in Los Angeles CA. As the owner of independent record label Lotus Records, she’s earned the right to own and control anything that she creates.

Her mission since conception of the label is to develop and promote exceptional talent to bring their dream to fruition. One such artist, CHERYL and her team landed the #1 position on Billboard charts.

Last gift you bought for someone?

Wind chime with brilliant, colorful butterflies on it.

Artist living or dead you would want to work with?


Ever have custom clothes made?

Yes, clothes for my recent photo shoot were custom made, also for music video

Perfect date movie?

“What Happens To A Lying, Cheating Boyfriend”

Song you open your shows with the most?

“Move Your Sexy Body,” of course.

What has been your greatest lack of courage?

Becoming a nurse for security and listening to others, fear of failure rather than follow my passion and absolute LOVE since childhood to be a performer

What or who has been your greatest spiritual teacher?

The people who have hurt me the most forced me to look inside myself to see what about me attracted and mirrored the situations and people, why I allowed it, find a way to continue to express and feel love for others and myself, be compassionate. Grow to be a beautiful Lotus Flower!

Are you going to be performing today?

I perform everyday, not always on stage LOL

Any big tour plans coming?

I am still waiting for that opportunity.

Do you have any old music sitting around that hasn't seen the light of day yet?

Absolutely! At this point I plan to pass it on to another artist to make it fresh and let their light be seen.

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