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Cimorelli: Quickie 10

Search for “Cimorelli” on YouTube and there they are: six smiling sisters performing the pop hits of the day in an a cappella style, their voices blending in perfect unison. Not only do these girls know harmony, Christina (21), Katherine (20), Lisa (18), Amy (17), Lauren (13), and Dani (12) are each musicians who write their own songs, talents that impressed executives at Universal Records, which signed Cimorelli in April 2010.  We chat it up in our latest Quickie 10.

1. Favorite pair of shoes?
Amy's favorite pair of shoes is her new cowboy boots she got from Texas last week!

2. Movie you want to see but keep putting off?
Lisa really wants to see The Hobbit!

3. What is on your mind the most?
Probably food…..haha

4. Last place you ate at?
The Media Grill in Texas!

5. Have you ever been in a parade?
We haven't been in any official parades yet…

6. Name 1 of your phobias:
Dani is afraid of heights!!

7. How often do you check Facebook?
It's kind of different for all of us! Like, Lauren, Dani and Christina check it every day-ish, whereas Katherine and Amy check it less, and Lisa doesn't have a facebook!

8. Ever order something from TV?
I don't think so….

9. With all of you being born in the 90s and later, how did covering 70s and 80s songs come about?
We listen to a lot of different kinds of music from different eras, and we've always liked those songs, and we thought it'd be fun!

10. You sing a cappella but a lot of the songs you cover were very synth-driven, does that make your production more difficult?
Every song is different! Some songs we try to copy the synth with our voices, and other times we just fill in the harmonies! Whatever takes the arrangement to a place where we feel like we have our own spin on it that we really like is what we do. 

Interview by Kara Johnson