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Colette Carr

Colette Carr: Quickie 10

In the great tradition of razor-tongued MC's like Biz Markie, Shock G, Slick Rick and Eminem, Colette Carr is fearless, uber-charismatic and more than a little unhinged. She's also not afraid to use her singing voice to put the listener in an aural choke-hold with an addictive ear worm of a hook.

1. Biggest fear:
I chose not to be afraid of the things I cannot control, and do my best with what I can. I know that sounds a bit like the intro to an AA meeting or what lies inside of a fortune cookie, but I really don't "fear" anything, I trust and I believe.

2. Do you text or talk more on the phone?
I prefer talking on the phone. Although I mostly use my phone to communicate with the goers via twitter (@colettecrazy) instagram (@cococarrcarr) Facebook (colette carr) or tumblr (ColetteCrazy).

3. Favorite movie genre?
Comedy or Classics. Gold Member ---> The Godfather.

4. I can:
do anything, be anything, say anything, stand up for what I believe, and shut motherfuckers down.

5. Greatest store to going shopping?
Coca-Nico (obviously.) My sister and I have a retail store in the Westfield mall on market st. in San Fran- I love everything in there. I also thoroughly enjoy vintage shopping after a glass of sangria.

6. Favorite childhood toy?
Playdough. and Yes I would eat it occasionally.

7. Public or Private school?
Public then very private; Home schooled.

8. People likely don't expect you to do the kind of music that you do.  Do you like the shock factor involved in that?
It might be the best part. I live to blend colors and pave new roads, my music is a creative experiment, I don't stick to formulas or follow guidelines. I do what I want, I am not phased by what I am supposed to be doing, or how the girl in the mirror "should sound." I think I've chosen the more difficult path, identifying with "underdog" or "mightymouse" I enjoy the challenge. I get a kick out of defying the manufactured process, adding one bar too many to a rap, pushing buttons I shouldn't push, the icing on the cake is the reaction on people’s faces (surprised or shocked usually) when I hit 'play'. It’s fun.

9. Give us a scoop, is there a collaboration with Rye Rye coming down the pipeline?

Songs feat. Rye and I exist, that’s all I'll say.

10. Your producer, Martin Kierszenbaum, has worked with Far East Movement and Lady Gaga.  You have a collaboration coming with FEM, has there been any talk of working with Gaga?
Haven't even thought about it. If it happens you get kudos credit.


Interview by Kara Johnson