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Con Bro Chill

Con Bro Chill

It’s time to have fun and it’s time to do it together. That is, in essence, what Con Bro Chill of Portland, OR wants you to know. Nothing major, buddy, just love the crap out of life, jam out to our sweet tunes, and bring all your friends. Comprised of front man/keytar specialist Con, lead singer Sam, and dance-blast-duo Steve and Ty, Con Bro Chill is a party vortex ready to converge on your hometown.

What time is it?

12:27.... AM! Ya, I barely even have a bed time... My parents don't own me.

Is your bedroom messy or clean right now?

Messy and their is a live pitbull in my bed and the dog's butt is near my face.

Brightest color of shoes you own?


What reminds you of home?

Your face. and trees and rain and teal and purple patterned carpet in the Portland airport.

Cartoon character you would like to be:

The Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, duh.

Last thing you made?

A gluten free corn dog. HOLLAAAAAA

Do you believe in luck?

I'll answer that with another question. Do you believe in life after love?

Do you check under your bed before going to sleep?

Should I? Are you under my bed right now? That's amazing if you are. This is the best interview ever BT-Dubs.

So what got you into playing a keytar?

Because pianos are super heavy to pick up and carry around on stage.

You pride yourself on just having fun. Do you ever see yourself releasing a deep, thought-provoking song?

That's funny to have a lot of Pride on having fun. Pride is a stupid thing. To mix pride and fun seems a little messy. Everybody just go have fun. Listen to our song "Love Life" and "Power Happy". Those have great messages about enjoying life. It's what we're all about. Sometimes we make ridiculous party music because that's fun too.

Interview by Kara Johnson