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Conveyor: Quickie 10

Conveyor is a Brooklyn-based music project spawned by the fated juncture of a wandering tarot of musicians in Gainesville, FL. Was it kismet or perhaps a primordial summon which led these gentlemen purveyors of sound to individually tune in and migrate North to the bustling seductress known as New York City? Their retort is Sun Ray, a debut EP birthed and released in the warm embrace of Spring 2011. Brimming with lucid, homey synths layered over acoustic guitars and harmonious vocals, they channel extraterrestrial bible-thumpers drenched in love, spouting acid-soaked pop unabashed to beam with the simultaneous embrace of life/death realities backed by a polyrhythmic, pulsing backdrop. A decidedly grand task indeed, and following a string of self-released, handmade EPs, they are releasing their debut full-length album in 2012 with Brooklyn’s Paper Garden Records, a testament to our nature and the nature of ourselves.

1. Favorite childhood song?
Row, Row, Row Your Boat

2. Do you like ice cream cake?
Any kind of cake is for suckers.

3. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

4. Most dangerous thing you have ever done?
Made a disparaging remark about cake in the midst of a bunch of cake enthusiasts.

5. Salty or sweet?

6. Funniest gift you have received?
Cake, on my birthday?  That's someone's idea of a joke.

7. Best pizza toppings?
Only the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats.

8. Eye color:

9. The album cover for your debut full-length is beautiful. Is there a story or meaning behind it?
Living, loving, and feeling.

10. What can fans expect from your upcoming self-titled album?
Different and better songs.

Interview by Kara Johnson