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Austin based alt-rock group Courrier have just released a new single on iTunes. "Inch of Rope" is featured on the band's forthcoming sophomore album Cathedrals of Color, which is available March 12th. Fans can stream "Inch of Rope" here.  We chat it up with Austin Jones...

What would you do with an inch of rope?

Well I probably couldn't be trusted with an inch of rope, could I?

If you had to choose one, would you choose Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter. I just follow bands and restaurants so that all I stay up to date on is music and food. Facebook subjects you to much more, though admittedly I frequent both.

Best show on TV:

Breaking Bad, Sherlock (BBC)

Worst show on TV:

The Bachelor(ette)

How many times have you listened to your own album?

Since it's been fully mastered and completed, maybe twice. If you totaled all the times I had to listen for the sake of finishing up parts and such, it would be hundreds.

If all 4 of your stood on top of each other, what would your height be?

23 feet 4 inches, but that's standing on each others heads which is dumb.

New York or California?

New York, everyday.

Being from Austin, was it a given that you would take part in SXSW?

Being from Austin, it's a given that I avoid SXSW. I love the festival but the traffic is out of control. This year we opted out because our guitar player is on his honeymoon, so I suppose that's a good enough reason.

Your music has gained a lot of attention through teen drama series on TV. Do you feel that audience is now your core?

Our core audience varies from city to city, but even with the success that we've had with placements, most of our fans we see at live shows still come from having seen us on a previous tour. We are definitely not a band pigeonholed by a sound of genre, I would like to think that grandmas would like us as much as teen girls. Maybe that's asking a lot though.

Interview by Kara Johnson