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Deon Young

Deon Young

It’s rare to find a young songwriter who can successfully transition from behind-the-scenes player to major label headliner, but with the release of R&B newcomer Deon’s impressive 2011 mixtape, For the Love, the 19-year-old rapper-turned-singer-songwriter proved he has the goods to command the spotlight. For the Love is a seductive collection of midtempo R&B/hip-hop jams, including the popular underground favorite, “Just Another Love Song.” Deon is now in the studio working on his full-length debut album, which will contain a handful of songs from his mixtape including “Just Another Love Song,” “On Top of the World” and “Dream Girl,” plus new bangers such as “313” and “Party Life.” “I want it to be pandemonium and chaos when my album drops,” says Deon. “I put all my emotions into it and now I’m ready for this dude from Harlem to affect the world.”

Before becoming a musician what were you doing?

I was working retail overnights for Abercrombie and Fitch. And attending BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College)

Best region for food?

To be honest I love all types of food. But I'd have to say South America has my fave food.

Do you ever have anything dry cleaned?

Yeah my jackets, sweaters, and jeans.

Do you floss?

Yes everyday, with my teeth and fashion.

Do you play fantasy football?

No I dont.

Favorite thing to do as a child?

Sing to girls, play basketball, and video games.

Were you named after anyone?

Yeah my dad

What does your keychain look like?

Green TD Bank keychain with all my keys on it. (Reminds me to always bring the money home)

9Your music styling has already changed drastically since you started and you are only 19. Where do you see your sound going in the future?

Wherever my heart guides my sound. Music is a feeling and thats what makes it so special. No one else can duplicate true emotions.

How did you choose which songs from your mixtape would make their way onto your debut?

My mixtape is based off of a chain of real life situations and events I've experienced, so I took these scenarios and made my vision come to life on this mixtape through each song I wrote. It gives my fans and listeners a chance to know how much we may have in common and a chance to know a little bit more about me and what I've been going through since my music career started.

Interview by Kara Johnson