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Emii, who is coming fresh off her success from her 3rd consecutive top 40 pop hit, has just premiered her newest single, “Time To Move On” on MTV Buzzworthy. We sit down with the singer to discuss....well....just read on...

What artist appears most in your music collection?

As of right now, it's a tie between Bruno Mars and Foo Fighters.

Can you touch your toes?

I can touch wayyy beyond my toes. I might as well be Gumby.

What is your IQ?

I haven't checked and I don't want to know.

Energy shots or coffee?

Both! But I'm rockin' the coffee right now. I save the energy shots for all-nighters.

You only have time to pick out your outfit or do your hair, which do you choose?

I don't spend much time on my hair unless it's for shows or filming so I'll go with the outfit.

Why can't Ostriches fly?

Because they're jerks. Homer Simpson can attest to that.

What do you do to escape from everything?

If I really need to center myself and clear my head, martial arts. If I just want a taste of a different world entirely, then comic books or video games usually do the trick. But doing music IS my escape for the most part.

Favorite TV show?

Big Bang Theory, Fringe, South Park, Dexter, Breaking Bad... Like Pringles, I can't have just one.

You have a busy slate ahead of you with your music career and starring in the film "Starship: Rising". Should we expect a trifecta soon?

Maaaaaaaaaaaybe. Okay, okay, you got me. Yes, expect a trifecta. Perhaps a quadrupta. Or however you'd say it.

Did the success of "Mr. Romeo" or the controversy for "Stilettos" strike you by surprise at all?

Whenever I'm writing and performing a song, I put everything I am into it. When I release it, I do so with no expectations other than the hope that my fans will love it and be inspired by it. I'd say I'm usually at least a little surprised but always excited to see how my music makes an impact.

Interview by Kara Johnson