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Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne is an American dance/club music performer born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended North Atlanta High School for the Performing Arts. Currently based in Los Angeles, Jayne arrived on the club music scene in 2007 with the electro-hued track "Rollercoaster". Her new single "Get it Tonight" featuring Flo Rida is currently storming radio airplay.

Where did you go on your best date?

To bed.

Fashion Advice?

Heels. Heels. Heels.

Embarrassing celebrity crush?

Justin Bieber.

If you could be part of any TV family who would you choose?

Mob Wives.

Favorite club to go to?

LIV in Miami

Guilty pleasure movie?
Best drink?

Vodka on the rocks.

Pool or beach?


You participate in a lot of gay pride events and a large portion of your audience is gay. Was that a surprise to you when you began creating music?

No, it was not a surprise. The gay audience is on the forefront of music, fashion and art – They are the trendsetters and tastemakers.

You are very active on Facebook. How important is it for you to stay in touch with your fans and what other steps do you take to stay connected?

Social media is a great way to deliver your music and message to millions of people at once. I believe it is important for every artist, no matter what the status is of their career, to stay connected with the world.

Interview by Kara Johnson