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Five Knives

Five Knives

Five Knives have just released their new 5 song EP The Rising, which is available on iTunes and their official site for download. The EP features the song "Messin With My Ming", which the band released a lyric video which can be seen below. We talked with the band about some things and stuff...

You find $10, what would you spend it on?

Depends on how broke I am but realistically on a cocktail or two ;)

What ________ Verses _________ movie would you like to see?

The Big Lebowski vs. King Pin

Have you ever gotten a ticket?


What would your knight name be?

Lady Lumpselot



The Adams Family Or The Munsters?

The Munster's wish they were The Adam's Family

Worst injury you have had?

Broken leg / ski accident

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Everyday always to the max

The lyric video for "Messin With My Mind" has been popular. Do you have plans for a full video?

Yes, we shot an actual video for Messin' With My Mind and the debut will be made very soon on MTV U

You are allowing fans to download your EP for free. Is this a practice you plan on utilizing for future releases?

No... We'll need to make money eventually, but for now it's a good tool to get our name out there!

Interview by Kara Johnson


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I would watch the hell out of a Big Lebowski vs. King Pin movie.