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Fritz Montana

Fritz Montana

Our story begins amidst the backdrop of the late 90's- boy bands were in control, Clinton was romping in the White House, and Leonardo DiCaprio was slipping into the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean.

With a pocketful of ambition and a long road to puberty, three young men took it upon themselves to dedicate their lives to the betterment of American Music. Unbeknownst to these young men, they would later meet, drink some beer, and write songs that would influence the course of history and change the face of rock music forever.

One life goal?

Watch every movie, ever.

I always feel better when:

Someone is dumber than us in the room.

Best junk food?

Southern Comfort. And the occasional cake.

Have you ever been in a kayak?

Have YOU ever been in a barn?

Do you watch the news or read it online?

We've never seen the Newsies.

How many push-ups can you do?

Collectively? 1 billion.

Last time you ordered food to be delivered?

We have a strict no delivery policy. We work for our food.

Did you collect baseball cards?

None of us possess the self-discipline for such a task.

Can fans expect any major tour announcements soon?

Expect a new album- whatever comes next is up to the fans. We want to start expanding out of the Bay Area as soon as possible, but we're waiting on enough support from our fans to allow us to do so!

You had opened the Not So Silent Night in Oakland with some pretty big acts. How did the fans of those artists respond to your music?

Most fans cheered, some wept in amazement, others told us we changed their lives. In all seriousness, we were just amped to be sharing the stage with acts like Kings of Leon and The Arctic Monkeys. Having people come up to us after our set and having them say how much they enjoyed the show was just the icing on the cake.

Interview by Kara Johnson