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Graffiti6: Quickie 10

Colours, the debut album from Britain’s Graffiti6, is as vividly vibrant as both the project’s moniker and its album title suggest: an uncategorizable mélange of pop, psychedelia, R&B, and British Northern Soul that fully capitalizes on the soaring uplift of Jamie Scott’s emotionally transparent voice and gift for melody and TommyD’s irresistible rhythms and inventive production. Songs like “Stone In My Heart,” “Stare Into The Sun,” “Annie You Save Me,” and “Free” are “latter-day psych-soul nuggets, all phased vocals and sunshine melodies given the warp factor,” as London’s Guardian newspaper put it, while the remainder of Colours zigzags all over the musical map from the folk-soul balladry of “Goodbye Geoffrey Drake,” to the spare, gospel-inflected feel of “Over You,” to the downtempo sultriness of “Calm The Storm,” to the jangly indie-rock vibe of “Lay Me Down.” “For me, the unexpectedness of the sound is the whole point,” Scott says. “It’s fun to mess with people’s heads.”

1. The most embarrassing song that gets stuck in your head...
Dancing Queen by ABBA.(but I'm not sure it's that embarrassing)

2. Favorite drink?
Gin and Tonic

3. Do you have any hobbies?
going to the movies, running, Go karting.

4. What would your tombstone say?
'I told you I was ill' (Spike Milligan)

5. What do you do to kill time on the tour bus or between shows?
Write music and hang out with the band

6. Last movie you saw in theaters?
Rising of the Planet of the Apes

7. Have you played any team sports?
Football (soccer), Rugby and Cricket

8. Right or Left handed?
Right handed

9. What inspired you to start the "1 Mic, 1 Camera, 1 Take" web series?
The amazing studios at the Capitol Tower in LA.

10. What is the Spread 'Colours' Countdown that is happening on your website?
It's to get fans excited for the release of our debut album 'Colours' early next year.

Interview by Kara Johnson