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Guinevere: Quickie 10

Bold and audacious, pop singer Guinevere (20) is losing her f*cking mind on her debut single “Crazy Crazy," while aiming at the heart of Top-40 with her catchy pop hooks.

1. If you were a ghost, who would you haunt first?
I'd haunt the bitch who killed me.

2. Lucky number?

3. Good Girl Or Bad Girl?
Depends on the time of day.

4. What fictional world would you like to live in?
A world where you could go back in time so I could go back and live in the 60's!

5. Color you hate the most?
Beige - weird sounding color

6. Do you have good posture?
When necessary.

7. Vacation or holiday?
Both, where to?

8. Any hidden tattoos?
You''ll never know

9. Is there an album or EP in the works or about to be released?
The album is complete. When the time is right it will be released.

10. Can you give fans a hint about your upcoming video for "Crazy Crazy"?
Lots of bad-ass PVC.

Interview by Kara Johnson